Hemodynamics V Patch Wireless Cardiac Monitor

V Patch Features & Benefits:

  • Simple & Convenient Patient hook up is preferred by Medical Personnel
  • Superior Patient Comfort while in Use (most patients forget the monitor is even on)
  • Seamless Transfer of all ECG data to the Hemodynamics’ Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Quick & Easy Patient Set up | Enrollment
  • Arguably the best ECG Signal Quality among any Wearable Patch
  • Little to No ECG Artifact or Noise with Patented Wearable Design
  • Hemodynamics Co. Service Option requires No Financial Investment
  • Best Economics in the Industry | Multiple billable & Reimbursement codes
  • Flexible Reimbursement Structures for Optimization in Today’s Market
  • V Patch Provides Clinically Relevant & Intuitive Reporting:
    • Minimum, Maximum & Average Heart Rate / BPM Reported
    • Supraventricular & Ventricular Arrhythmias Reported
    • Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib), A-Fib Burden & Ventricular Burden)
    • One Page Summary with Narrative with Simple Edits
    • Quickly & Easily Apply Electronic / Digital Signature
  • V Patch Reports easily Integrated into most Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems

For more information about the V-Patch or EZecg Patch, please click Contact Us, email us at sales@eHemodynamics.com or call (214) 437-9675.